Extend Well Log Printing for Windows & Linux using Microsoft Universal Print

Print maps, contours, seismic images, posters, and other complex graphics.

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Well Log Printing

Easy and efficient well log printing solution for geosicentists and engineers.

Key benefits

  • Unlimited length well log printing
  • Zero page breaks - auto concatenate multi-page images
  • "Fit to width" while maintaining depth scale
  • Supports well logs, seismic images, contours, and maps (unlimited length)
  • Handles common datatypes (CGM, PDF, TIFF, EMF, etc.) used in oil & gas exploration and extraction
  • Easily mark-up with text, symbols, and annotation (upgrade option)
  • Crop image areas
Supported well log formats
  • Schlumberger PDSView
  • Schlumberger TechLog
  • Baker Hughes MetaWin (.META)
  • Weatherford
  • WellSight
  • MainLog
  • Multi-page PDF
  • TIFF
  • Extension Types: PDF, TIF, LAS PDS, META, CGM, DPK, and ML
Sensible solutions via SDI APS (Active Printing System)
  • APS print preview window mirrors the scale and orientation of the image as it would appear on the plotting surface
  • Suitable for roll, sheet, and fanfold media (continuous form paper)
  • Reduces the risk of wasted attempts at printing
VTOF (Virtual Top of Form)
  • Aligns fan-fold paper with the print head after each plot
    1. Ensures each image starts at the top of the page
  • Enables the use of inexpensive wide-format plotters in place of well log printers
  • Frees the user from having to use expensive specialty paper
Operating System Windows 64-bit and Linux
Standard input CGM, PDF, TIFF, EMF, PNG, and etc.
Standard output CGM, PDF, TIFF, EMG, PNG, and etc.
Supported printers HP (HP RTL), Canon (Garo and Swift), Ricoh, Océ, Gerber, Lexmark, OKI Data, KIP, OYO, Epson, Xerox, Versatec plus all major printers
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