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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Q. How do I point to the license server?


    1. As an administrator, go to Control Panel › System and Security › System, and select .

      Advanced system settings option

    2. Under the Advanced tab click

      Environment variables

    3. Then, either create or modify the variable to point to the license server, in this example case it is @server-name

      SDI license file

    4. Then click OK and exit, try launching the application again.
  2. Q. I would like to transfer my current license to a new machine, how do I do so?

    Answer: Once SDI Product is installed on the new machine, go to C:\flexlm\bin and run lmtools.exe, then select the "" tab and save the system information into a file.

    System settings tab

    Then send us the file by email along with the old license, so that I can gather the required information to generate and encrypt a new license.

  3. Q. I just got my new renewal license how do I implement it?


    • Windows: simply replace the existing C:\flexlm\sdi.lic with the attached, then open the Flexlm GUI (C:\flexlm\bin\lmtools.exe) and click on the "" under the Start/Stop/Reread tab.

      Reread license file

    • Linux: simply replace the existing one located within the SDI environment at $SDI_LICENSE_FILE. Once replaced, reread the license file using that option in the lmutil program.
  4. Q. How do I set up a new license server on Linux?


    1. Install the SDI license
      • Create a directory /usr/local/flexlm/licenses
      • Place the sdi.lic file into /usr/local/flexlm/licenses directory
      • Change permissions to "$chmod 644 sdi.lic"
    2. Start the lmgrd process (as user not root)
      • Locate LMGRD binary located at /home/user/flexlm/linux9/license/bin/
      • Execute LMGRD with the following command: $lmgrd -c LICENSE_FILE_PATH -l LOG_FILE_PATH

    $./lmgrd -c /usr/local/flexlm/licenses/sdi.lic -l /usr/local/flexlm/licenses/debug.log

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