Batch Print

Print CAD and geoscience graphics files

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Three ways to use Batch Print

  • CGM Preview Handler + Dragon Print

    1. Right-click on any image file (Figure A-1) in Windows File Explorer and print using APS
    2. Select the Dragon Print application option (Fig. A-2)
    3. Choose your printer and print options in the print dialogue window (Fig. B)

    CGM Preview Handler + Dragon Print in Windows File Explorer
    Figure A
    Dragon Print dialogue menu
    Figure B
  • Batch print submissions via a hot folder*

    1. Create a new hot folder
    2. Copy files into the hot folder

    Note: similar to batch convert

    Hot Folder Optional Arguments for Auto Batch Printing
    • –p<name> = printer/plotter name
    • –p<jobname> = name to appear in RIP and printe Queues to identify the job name
    • –p<nogui> = intializes printing without print GUI window
    • –p<autorotate> = orients the print area to minimize waste; use -p<bestfit> to autorotate and scale
    • –p<scalenone> = maintain 1/1 scale
  • Print via programs and scripts

Scale batch printing to Enterprise level

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