CGM Viewer with S1000D XML Hotspots

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CGM Viewer with S1000D XML Hotspots

The HTML5 CGM viewer allows a user to select an XML file with an embedded pointer to a CGM file.

How this works

  1. Open up your HTML5 browser of choice
  2. Call the CGM viewer/application
  3. Select the project XML file
    • Selected XML file opens up and displays paired CGM file
    • XML file gets parsed and a list of hotspots is displayed in a select box
  4. Select the hotspot from the list
  5. The paired graphic file will display the selected hotspot (highlighted by a boundry box and tinted background layer)

User options

  1. Mouseover highlighted hotspot on CGM file
    • Tooltip displays on hover
  2. Ctrl+click on hotspot opens up a context menu of available resources
    • Link to URL
    • Additional referenced graphic files*
    • Function (JavaScript) within an application
    • List of additional related drawings or files

Note: Referenced graphic file displays selection boundry

Use case scenarios

  • Online manufacturer parts list catalog
  • Maintenance journal for: aerospace, airlines, automobiles, and etc.
  • Circuit diagrams (tracing endpoint to endpoint)

Works with HTML5 browsers with no plugins to install

  • No plugins required.
  • Operates on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.
  • Full-preview of CGM files in Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, and Opera.

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Supported HTML5 Browsers Google Chrome | Microsoft Edge | Firefox | Opera | Safari
CGM versions CGM version 1-4, WebCGM, CGM+, CGM*PIP, ATA, S1000D
Standard input CGM and CGMZ (gz compression)
XML specification S1000D
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