S1000D Viewer

Fully complies with the international specification for the procurement and production of technical publications

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S1000D Viewer

Displays XML and referenced graphics

How this works

  • Open S1000D XML publishing file from a web browser
  • Browser displays formatted XML and it's embedded links (hotspots) and referenced graphics
  • User can click on links and validate the hotspots on the graphics
    • XML links with no associated graphic hotspot will be displayed in green text
    • Graphic hotspots with no associated XML legend entry will be flagged
    • The prior features aid in checking for paired hotspots

Use case scenarios

  • Companies that are generating S1000D XML files for graphics
  • Online manufacturer parts list catalog (i.e. interactive electronic technical manual (IETM)
  • Maintenance journal for: aerospace, airlines, automobiles, and etc.
  • Circuit diagrams (tracing endpoint to endpoint)

Works with HTML5 browsers with no plugins to install

  • No plugins required.
  • Operates on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.
  • Full-preview of XML files in Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, and Opera.

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Supported HTML5 Browsers Google Chrome | Microsoft Edge | Firefox | Opera | Safari
CGM versions CGM version 1-4, WebCGM, CGM+, CGM*PIP, ATA, S1000D
Standard input CGM and CGMZ (gz compression)
Additional formats supported
XML specification S1000D
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