Windows Print to File

Use the Windows print function to create and save vector and raster files

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Windows Print to File

This is the easiest way to provide a file export function utilizing the standard Windows Print command.

How this works

  • Add the SDI (Windows Print to File) driver to the workstation
  • Open preferrred application
  • Select the application "print" command
    • Select the SDI printer
      • Select desired export file format
        • Vector and raster files (e.g. CGM, DWG, PDF, SVG, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, and etc.)
      • Select standard print options (scale, orientation, media size, etc.)
      • Select print and specify file name

Additonal functionality

  • Perform a secondary operation on the file by specifying a command to "send to" a destination application

OEMs and Enterprise clients

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