Active Printing System

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SDI APS® (Active Printing System)

Reduce development time and simplify print integration with downstream support.

Key benefits

  • SDK and a single unified print GUI* for .NET (forms, WPF), Java, Javascript, MFC, QT, GDI, and X11(Windows and Unix)
  • Supports all major desktop, wide-format, and specialized plotters/printers
  • Supports roll, fanfold, and sheet media

*An application developed with JAVA and one developed with QT will have the same print GUI.

Additional benefits
  • Built-in previewer for scale and orientation
  • Direct printer manufacturer integration
  • Intuitive dialog box with precise output options
  • Pairs print functions with applications in mixed environments

Note: Filed under two U.S. patents

See how SDI APS extends Windows printing
Windows Printing SDI APS
Requires a user to select a "sheet" size Simply select a roll size attached to the plotter
Print size is constrained by sheet size Boundless virtual sheet size
User wastes paper with multiple attempts to get the intended print Simple user control of scale and bounds
Windows printing is prone to freeze if the processes overload the print queue, forcing the user to reboot the spooler Extends Windows printing with highspeed seamless printing on specialized printers
  User can set tiling, paneling, scaling, and centering without additional programming
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