Seg-Y Viewer, Print, and Export

Fast and lightweight desktop application and available as an online viewer

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Seg-Y Viewer, Print, and Export

Windows and Linux desktop application for Seg-Y viewing, printing, and file export.

How this works

  • Open application
  • Select Seg-Y file for viewing with the ability to
    • Pan, zoom, scale, and crop

Additional features

  • Print to roll plotters (up to 44 inch wide and unrestricted length)
  • Export to the available formats: PDF, TIF, PNG, JPG, and SVG
  • Selectable areas to print
  • Modify/configure Seg-y display attributes


  • Easy to install or available as an online viewer
  • Quickly browse your Seg-Y archives
  • Supports file formats commonly used by third party print shops

Available with other SDI publishers or online

Add editing and markup when bundled with Editor/Montage.

  • Batch processing via command line
  • Add additional markup (e.g., logos, notes, and etc.)

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