SDI Utilities

Windows and Linux utilities to simplify your print workflow

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  • PDF Driver and RunIt – Prints PDF and then executes an automated action in one step
  • Print to File – Version III, HPGL II Windows driver

Windows and Linux

  • LaunchIt – Launches any application by copying a file to a specific folder
  • Batch Watermark – Append and position objects or files to any multi-page file (PDF, CGM, and HPGL)
  • VQM (Virtual Queue Manager) – Schedule, prioritize, and cancel jobs across platforms and operating systems
  • HotSpot – Link any object in a file (CGM, DWG, PDF, SVG, and etc.) to an application, file, or a website; featured in SDI Editor
    Example: Hover over and click on the embedded hyperlink (3-88-2) in this sample SVG file
  • Auto-HotSpot – Setup rules to automatically create hyperlinks on a drawing
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