SDI Batch Montage

Available as a command line tool or a DLL (.NET or C#)

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SDI Batch Montage

Batch process images in single or multi-layer files. Common uses are watermarking (mark confidential, top secret, or draft), apply company branding, include title blocks, stamping file names, and etc.

Key features

  • Import multiple image formats (PDF, SVG, CGM, TIF, JPG, and PNG)
  • Define input attributes
    1. Area of interest (via XML)
    2. Opacity
    3. Blending mode
    4. Layer order
    5. Canvas position
  • Define output attributes
    1. Position
    2. Scale
    3. Rotation
  • Repeat commands for each input file
  • Finalize export instructions
    1. Export format
    2. Export canvas size (true scale, paper size, etc.)
    3. Set output switches
      • Backgound color
      • RGB or greyscale color profile
      • Watermark
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