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Our core desktop tools (SDI Office, Montage, & Editor) can be expanded with useful utilities and drivers.

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SDI Office
SDI Office

View, convert, export, and print a wide range of vector and raster file formats including CGM, PDF, SVG, TIFF and DWG.

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SDI Montage
SDI Montage

Extend the functionality of Office with the addition of file markup, annotation, and montaging multiple graphics files.

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SDI Edit
SDI Editor

Expand Office & Montage via editing of individual embedded files. Run your own workflow with customizable scripts.

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Available Resources

CGM Preview Handler
SDI Preview, Print, and Merge
Data Mapper

Geo-reference existing drawings and export map data. Additional features:

  • Generate bubble maps
  • Utilize multiple data sources (i.e. SQL, Excel, XY points)
  • Run Python scripts to draw maps

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Data Mapper
Windows Print to File
Windows Print to File
  • Use the Windows print function to create and save...
    1. Vector and raster files (e.g. CGM, DWG, PDF, SVG, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, and etc.)
  • Also, performs "send to" function to destination application
  • Network shareable driver
SDI Convert Pro

Gives users the flexibility of selecting a single file, multiple files, or multiple folders to convert files. Available conversion formats.

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Convert Pro
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