Web browser applications (view, print, & convert files) served via your cloud service

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SDI Software as a Service (SaaS)

Thin client or web-browser applications served via your chosen cloud service that provides the same functionality found in our desktop utilites.

  • SaaS – Print files from the client window (using APS)
  • SaaS View – Adds full-preview (pan, zoom, and rotate) of CGM files within client window
  • SaaS Convert – Select a single file, multiple files, or multiple folders to convert CGM and widely used image formats.


  • Token based transactions
  • Azure active directory (ADD) handles user access
  • Audit and user access history

Toolkit for Azure Cloud Development

  • Azure functions
    1. Only exists while it is running and executing the service, thus reducing cost
  • SaaS can be run on your own cloud
  • OEM licensing
  • Apply internal branding to the service
  • REST API communication (launch and retrieve jobs)
  • JSON parameterization
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