Shapefile Editor

Digitize shapefiles for Arcview, GIS projects, and Google Earth

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Shapefile Editor

Shapefile Editor for existing shapefiles or the creation of a new shapefile. Cost effective and easy to use.

How this works

  • Open application
  • Select Shapefile for viewing with the ability to
    • Pan, zoom, scale, and crop
  • Edit polygons, points/nodes, and lines
    • Move, add, or delete objects

Additional features

  • Map projections available in WKT or EPSG
  • Measure objects (distance and area)
  • Export to picture or data
    • File formats include PNG, TIF, JPG, SVG, CGM, and PDF
    • Shapefiles (lines, points, polygons, shapes, or all)
    • GeoJSON file (vertices in text format)

Use case scenarios

  • Quickly create a shapefile for GIS applications and Google Earth
  • Georeference an image into Google Earth

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