SDI Montage and Light Table

Convert multiple image files to a single canvas with full markup

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SDI Montage

Extend Office GEO with the ability to convert multiple image files to a single canvas with full markup.

Key benefits

  • Built upon Office GEO
  • Full markup (redlining) capabilities
  • Combine multiple image files into a single file and export
  • Canvas features
    1. Import multiple files
    2. Clip or mask selected image(s)
    3. Paste selection area and transform (scale, rotate, and translate)
    4. Align images (align layer to left, center, right, top, middle, and bottom)
Available upgrade: Light Table
  • Overlay, scale, and register to highlight the difference between iterative versions of a drawing (i.e. compare digital well logs to identify logging errors).
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Montage Light Table

Key benefits

  • Built upon SDI Montage
  • Overlay images and adjust transparency levels
  • Highlights the difference between layered images
  • Works with monochrome or color images
  • Auto-alignment with two point or single point method
  • Supports a wide-range of vector formats
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