Cloud Printing Extension for Azure

Wide format output printing (CAD, C, D, E, and A0-A5)

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SDI Cloud Printing Extension for Azure and Microsoft Universal Print

This extension allows wide format output printing (CAD, C, D, E, and A0-A5) to accomodate commonly used engineering drawings, GIS maps, and custom roll sizes (e.g. well logs)


  • Maintain full cloud security that Universal Print inherently provides
    • Enables printing from a cloud-based application to your local printer
  • Opens up the use of your existing Canon, HP, and Epson big-roll wide plotters
  • Ability to place and scale drawing in the application print preview window
  • Direct printing from application to printer

What is cloud printing?

  • Printing from a cloud application
    • running on a virtual machine
    • as a service accessed through a browser
    • service REST API)
  • Output of print job is to your local printer

What is Microsoft Universal Print?

  • Limited to document page size (i.e. A, B, A4, and A3); SDI cloud extension extends to A0 and E
  • A print application that connects your local printer to the cloud
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