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SDI has supported an exceptional list of clients using innovative plot servers and montage applications for 25 years. Today, SDI provides APS, a patented printing system, to application providers as an integral part of their application. APS reduces application development time and provides a single, intuitive interface for printers and plotters.

SDI also offers controls, plug-ins, and applications for viewing, printing, markup, montage and conversion. A leader in CGM, SDI has an extensive list of controls, tools, plug-ins and applications to manipulate CGM versions 1, 3 and 4 – which can include hot spotting and linking to specific areas of the current CGM or other data sources.

SDI provides a large selection of format converters. Converters can be vector, such as CGM, PDF, PS, HPGL, SVG, DWG and DXF; or raster, such as TIFF, PNG, JPEG, XWD, BMP and CCITT. Some formats provide geographic information along an X,Y and Z coordinate system. Other formats provide multi page support. SDI supplies interface-driven converter applications, plug-ins for third-party applications, filters for one-in-one-out format conversions, and SDK. Filters can be combined to set up any desired workflow.

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