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SDI´s Desktop Tools - dtTools - provides the most powerful and comprehensive,
integrated suite of commonly needed graphics utilities in one, economical, easy to use package. Finally, a single application for rapid Screen Capture, Multi- format file Viewing, format Conversion, file Save As and no hassle Printing is now available on the UNIX, Linux and Windows platforms. Workflow is further enhanced with direct launch and integration of other licensed SDI programs and, on the Windows platform, viewed images can be copied to the Clipboard for immediate insertion into other Windows applications.

               dtTools runs on UNIX, Linux, and Windows

  Formats handled: BMP, CGM, JPEG, PDF, PNG, PNM, PS, TIFF, XWD and XPM


dtTools provides the speed and convenience users need when capturing an entire desktop, an active window, or rubber band rectangular area of the screen. dtTools immediately displays the captured image for confirmation before saving to a supported format or, transferring to another application.


  Click on File/Open (Ctl+O) or use the dtTools toolbar to view BMP, CGM, JPEG,   PDF, PNG, PNM, PS, TIFF, XWD and XPM files. dtTools shows the exact   composition of the image revealing how it will look in a Montage, annotated file,   slide presentation, or company Web site.

Convert & Save As

Captured images and viewed files can be exported in any of the following popular formats: BMP, CGM, JPEG, PDF, PNG, PNM, PS, TIFF, XWD and XPM.


dtTools provides no-hassle Printing with SDI´s integrated print processor. After displaying a file, or captured image, clicking File/Print generates a best fit to page image for any attached UNIX, Linux or Windows printer. Alternatively, one click of the Submit icon opens SDI PrintMaster to provide flexible printing options with scaled output, orientation, multiple copies, job tracking, cropping and much more.

Launch & Link

The user can customize the Launch icons on the dtTools toolbar to provide seamless integration and transfer of images to other SDI programs including:- SDI Montage, CGM Editor, SDI Convert, CGM Office and SDI PrintMaster. In addition, on the Windows platform, images captured or displayed with dtTools can be copied to the Clipboard for immediate use by any 3rd party OLE compliant application including:- PowerPoint, PhotoShop, Quark, Word and countless more.