CAD Editor

GEO Editor

  CGM Editor  

Edit, Mark-up, Lay-out, Compose & Montage using multiple file formats :

Input Files: cgm, dwg, hpgl, plt, pdf, ps, emf, tiff, jpeg, png, bmp, xwd      Edit CGM, DWG, HPGL, PDF, EMF vector based graphics files,
     Add custom user graphics - lines, borders, arrows, text, polygons, polylines,
    (filled, hatched), symbols, Beziers, Splines, circles, elipses, arcs...etc.
     Add or edit CGM Hotspots and compose or Montage complex graphics using
     multiple input files. Manages Multi-page CGM & PDF files.

Save As: cgm, dwg/dxf, pdf, ps, emf, svg, tiff, jpeg, png, bmp, ppt & movies
     Create Posters & Digital presentations on Windows or Linux.
     Provides entire file or viewport conversion to chosen output format

Geo Apps use CGM files from GeoQuest, Landmark, Paradigm, & SMT:
    Compose posters using Maps, Seismic sections, and Well logs.

Advanced Printing System (APS) - provides sophisticated Print GUI with
    auto roll definition for larger printers and thumbnail display for easy print
    orientation (Patent pending)

Compatible with binary CGM files :
      v1 - v4, ATA, Seismic(CGM+ and CGM*PIP) & WebCGM

CAD Apps use CGM files from CATIA, I-Deas, Pro-E, & UGS

Technical Publishing Groups can Edit and Compose CGM drawings for
     technical manuals.


SDI CGM Editor
is the one-stop graphics tool for anyone who uses the CGM format, or any of the other supported scaleable vector formats such as HPGL, PDF, PostScript, DWG, DXF or EMF. This Edit, Montage & Composition tool enables the user to quickly and easily create graphics presentations that will convey your message. The graphical output from a number of sources can be combined into one comprehensive presentation, as well as the facility to annotate or change any of the native graphic elements in the file.

View, Edit, Montage, Mark-up, Lay-out and Hotspot CGM files.

Geoscience applications: use CGM +/PIP files from Schlumberger GeoQuest, Landmark, Paradigm, SMT & others to create displays for seismic sections, maps & well logs.

CAD applications: use CGM files from CATIA, I-DEAS, Pro-E, UGS and others to mark-up, lay-out and hotspot drawings.

Technical publishing for manuals, plans, assemblies, etc.

Industry Profiles: Compatible with binary CGM V1-V4. ATA, CGM+, CGM*PIP and WebCGM.

Additional functions that SDI CGM Editor offers:

Unicode multilingual character set support. Add Latin and non-Latin text languages such as Russian, Arabic, Chinese.

Define Canvas: Create drawing area to append images.

Resize: Manually or Automatically resize drawing area

Templates: Create templates to set up styles or to save work in progress.

Modify Graphical elements: Add and edit text, lines, polygons or symbols - create custom symbols.

Lithology: Supports lithology pattern fills for clearer geological/geophysical sub-surface description.

Hot Spots: Show, create & modify hot spots/hyperlinks.

Group editing.

Zoom control - Fit to width, fit to height, multi level zoom for fine detailed view, bird's eye view, pan mode.

Crop - horizontal cut line - vertical cut line.

Layer Management.

Level control: move up or down a level; move to front, move to back.

Graphical object control: Delete, move, rotate, resize elements.

Units: Abstract or Metric (inches or millimeters)

Grid control - User specified grid spacing, snap to grid, show grid as dots or lines

Closed figures: Ellipse, rectangle, polygon, Edge on/off, thickness, color; Fill on/off color, solid, hatch, pattern

Line attributes: Bezier, polylines, arcs, sweep arrows, color, solid, dotted, dashed, thickness, ends, arrows.

Text: standard, boxed, font, color, size, angle, style.

Export: Entire file or Viewport to TIFF, JPEG, PNG, BMP, CGM, PDF, PostScript, DWG/DXF, SVG or to Clipboard.

Also exports .ppt (PowerPoint) and Movies (.avi,.flv,.mp4,.mpg,.mov,.wmv)

Problem File Diagnosis: List all CGM elements for file content analysis.

Print: SDI enhanced Print GUI (APS) or submit to SDI PrintMaster for custom printing.